Sunday, January 31, 2010

A quick Q & A with LEA MASTERS from VANUATU

1. What was the hardest part about being on survivor the dehydration or the hunger?Dehydration, the body can sustain as long as the fluids are replenished, considering the body is made of mostly water, and I have lived without food for two weeks before while in survival school. It is unbearable when I need to find water and can not. I built a filter system out of coal, sand, rocks and bamboo to sustain till we won the flint.

2.If you could of been on any other season of survivor s1-19 what one would you be on and why.? I liked the cook island season as it was based on military tactics,also wish I was on Guatemala as they needed some pick me ups to make it an enjoyable season.

3. Where the tribal councils long as jeff say they are? you just talk for hours?Not for the survivors, we were only there about two hours maybe two and a half. The vote count was what I didn't like, it seemed forever when they were deciding the order to announce the votes, and we couldn't talk while they were tallying the votes.

4. Did you make any life long friends from the show? Oh yes that is a gimme, I am great friends with Chris, Twila, Julie, Chad, Bubba, and Eliza. Once in a while I see Leann too.

5.IF you could play survivor again would you be the nice guy or you would be a villian and stir things up? I would slam them to the wall. I played the game as I did because one reason, the Army told me before I left to play the game, what ever you do, you better not embarrass the Army or there will be consequences to pay and they will be detrimental.

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